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60ft Shadow Obstacle Course

60ft Shadow Obstacle Course

    • Setup Area: 68FT. X 15FT. X 12FT. (LxWxH)

    • $495.00
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The 60 FT Shadow Obstacle PC One offers a series of physically challenging activities including jumping, running, crawling, climbing and sliding plus ultimate obstacle pops and tunnels. Using Shadow One and Two we have come up with the 60ft Shadow Obstacle Course. 

Participants start to race by entering Karate barriers, breaking the dummy obstacle pops and overcoming horizontal barriers, stepping through ground circle obstaclesclimbing up the wall and sliding down to pass the X obstacle pops and exit through the tunnels. Then participants enter piece two and race through the tunnelsclimbing up the wall and sliding down to pass through hanging obstacle balls and horizontal barriers. Stepping through the underground holes to challenge the balance then exit the game by passing through the horizontal barriers 

The 60 Ft Shadow Obstacle Course is ideal for large corporate and community events or rent it out individually for backyard parties, school and church events.